Total Package Professional

Total Package Professional is a tailored program for the professional development of seasoned executives, young professionals, collegiate and high school graduates. This is a research-based program written and designed to build or further develop relevant, timely business skills. To excel in today’s professional environment, individuals need relevant skill sets to step up to their next level of success. Total Package Professional is tailored to the needs of groups as well as individuals. Programs are offered to the following audiences:

The Seasoned Executive: Total Package Professional for the seasoned executive is offered to those looking to further develop or fine-tune existing skills, manage a commitment-driven life, re-center work and family, and build success within and outside the organization. For those with over 15 years the workforce, Total Package Professional for the executive offers opportunity for dialogue and presents individualized leadership situations. Current issues pertinent to the senior-level executive are discussed including peak performance, leadership loneliness, a centered lifestyle, and sharpening new or refreshing existing managerial and leadership skills.

The Young Professional: This is for young professionals with one to 15 years of workplace experience, who are identifying and developing the skills necessary to thrive in the workplace and position themselves for promotions and future success.

The Post-Graduate, Collegiate or High-School Student, and Recent Graduate: As students prepare themselves for life after academia, Total Package Professional offers excellent preparation, reinforcement and clarity as it relates to real-life scenarios.


To provide tools for the development and enhancement of skills necessary for professionals so they may succeed, excel, thrive, and reach their potential in the workplace.

  • To address specific needs, challenges, and opportunities unique to the target audience
  • To identify the professional’s current (individual) attributes, skills, and opportunities for success and advantage at work and in life
  • To teach core competencies necessary to thrive in the workplace environment
  • To educate, reassure, and support recent graduates and young professionals regarding life after college, and to minimize stress and fear following graduation or in the first job.
Topics & Expertise
  • Leadership Development
  • The Art of Diplomacy
  • Team Building
  • Core Competencies
  • Personal Branding
  • Goal-Setting
  • Effective Communication and High Performance