Total Package Girl

Total Package Girl is a trademarked program dedicated to the personal, social, and interpersonal development of the pre-teen and teen girl. It is a research-based program written and developed to address timely issues facing girls in today’s world. The program is designed to provide girls with the tools they need to face life’s experiences and challenges with confidence and positive self-esteem.

Total Package Girl acknowledges that each girl is unique, and that her talents and skills are to be celebrated. This program is dedicated to assisting girls in discovering their talents and capabilities, and to building their self-confidence. Ultimately, Total Package Girl provides intelligence and introduces girls to specific tools and skills they need to navigate the pre-teen and teen years.

Total Package Girl


To build confident girls inside and out through education and success tools for the pre-teen and teen years; and to position them for a life of confidence, positive body image, and solid life skills and choices.

  • To build self-awareness and self-knowledge by exploring talents and strengths
  • To introduce positive and timely life habits
  • To openly discuss challenges, risks, and issues facing girls today
  • To offer solutions and options when navigating life’s tough situations
  • To offer a forum for dialogue where girls feel comfortable sharing experiences and feelings
Strategies & Topics Include…
  • Body Image, Self-Esteem, & Self-Worth
  • Confidence Boosters
  • Positivity and Finding Happiness From Within
  • Steering Away from Negative Influences
  • Developing One’s Own Power Shield
  • Friendships: TruBlues vs. Mean Girls
  • Secret Weapons of the Total Package Girl
  • Developing a Fit, Health Lifestyle: In Body, Brain, and Spirit
  • Fashion and You
  • Netiquette, Social Media Behavior, Permanent Footprints
  • Learning to Be a Leader: Leadership Skill Introduction and Development
  • Interpersonal Skills: Verbals, Non-Verbals, Listening, Assertiveness Techniques
  • Inside-and-Out Beauty
Benefits & Outcomes

Total Package Girl offers a roadmap for the unique journey each girl currently is traveling as she navigates the pre-teen and teen years. Total Package Girl uses research and applied knowledge to present girls with information and a forum in which to learn and share. Through a variety of means, girls are able to discuss their anticipation, joys, fears, questions, and concerns about dealing with life’s challenging situations and experiences. The Total Package Girl program also focuses on finding inner happiness by living a fit, healthy, fun life — the Total Package Lifestyle.

Total Package Girl offers knowledge, clarity, and tools for girls to be strong and confident young women throughout the teen years and in life. Total Package Global CEO and Founder, Kristine K. Hoffman, enthusiastically interacts with each audience, in a format like no other, providing real-life scenarios, personal anecdotes, research-based tips, and role play, so girls can explore and discuss their dreams. The program also incorporates applied learning by partnering with executives to further apply the tools they are developing.

Total Package Girl Reviews are Pouring In!

Last week my daughter encountered an awkward social media situation. We were able to use the toolkit presented in Total Package Girl to make a list of those TruBlues who ‘have her back.’ By the time the list was 16 strong, her tears had dried and she was giggling. Thank you for your insight!”

Total Package Girl is quickly climbing the Amazon charts and soon will be a #1 best-seller I believe.”J. Douglas Barker
AuthorTalk Radio

As an educator for more than 45 years and having worked at the state, national and international level I am happy to share my thoughts about a wonderful book, Total Package Girl. I’ve had girls from every grade level read the book and share their thoughts. The book truly gives girls a sense of PURPOSE, liking who they are despite all obstacles. The book gives an AWARENESS to life as it is in the real world. It gives the girls the SKILL to survive, exist and achieve. Finally it shows where their SUPPORT is and where and how to look for it. Ideally this [is] an excellent guide for girls today and tomorrow.”Bill Geha, CCDCA, OCPS II, ICPS
Intervention and Prevention Services Coordinator, Sylvania Schools

The work that Total Package Girl is doing is so critical because often students come to college with low self-esteem, body issues, and problems with alcohol and drugs, which don’t always materialize the day they step onto a college campus… [This is why] the type of work that you are doing at a younger age is extremely important for them to establish confidence not only through those trying teen years but [also] through their college years and through life. You are giving them life skills.”Dr. Terry L. Rentner
Bowling Green State University

Total Package is a terrific program you’ve got going…”Martha Rogers, PhD
New York Times best-selling author, 'The One to One Future'