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Kristi Hoffman, M.S., Keynote Speaker, CEO Total Package Brands

Kristi K. Hoffman is a leadership, lifestyle, and confidence expert who has spent decades motivating audiences across the country. Kristi is a thought leader on the relevance of authentic leadership in business, and also in the realm of teen and pre-teen girl trends, speaking passionately about the issues that affect today’s generation of girls ages 11-17.

Hoffman’s background as corporate executive and CEO led her to an award-winning television host and producer position, and now a national keynote speaker. She is CEO of Total Package Global, a leading professional and personal development corporation. Kristi is the founder of the Total Package Girl brand and a 24-year veteran of Girls Scouts of the USA at both national and local levels.

Leadership Summit

An engaging, dynamic, and savvy speaker, Kristi K. Hoffman presents topics that will energize and develop individuals of all ages to find and develop lifelong leadership and confidence skills. Kristi’s unique “Total Package” Lifestyle tools are unparalleled and recognized as an effective way for individuals to reach their ultimate success by their own definitions. Audiences leave excited, challenged, and ready to take action and be the force in their own lives.

Leadership Summit

Kristi is the embodiment of what she teaches in her presentations, media appearances, and blog. At her appearances, it is clear that Kristi’s life mission is to make a difference in the lives of teens, young adults, and business professionals.

For more than 20 years, she has touched the lives of many with her passion and determination to help individuals achieve success and navigate life’s challenges, whether that is peer pressure at the teenage level or ethical leadership, core values identity, and team building at the corporate level.

With a keen focus on an individualized master plan for success, Kristi K. Hoffman and and her “Total Package” message are quickly sweeping the nation. Confidence, leadership, and a centered, healthy approach are the key strategies. Business and personal success is the goal.

Schedule Kristi K. Hoffman

Audiences: Business / Professional Conferences, Collegiate Groups (including athletes, Panhellenic groups, general student body), Women’s Conferences, Parent Groups and Parent Organizations, Teen Groups, and Girl Groups ages 11-17.

Kristi K. Hoffman: Business Topics

  • Authentic Leadership: Identify and develop core value strategies and get the leadership edge.
  • Leadership Ethics: Know your role as organizational leader, build consensus, lead with truth, build a trusting and knowledge-based culture, develop employees of character.
  • Business Skill Set Development: Hone these critical work and life skills for future success, including communication, diplomacy, team building, discernment, assertiveness.

Kristi K. Hoffman: Women & Lifestyle Topics

  • Letting Go of Wi-Fi: Disconnect from the world and reconnect with yourself.
  • Confidence, Esteem, Self-Worth: Not for a day, but for life.
  • Effective Interpersonal and Digital Communications Strategies: What’s working for you, what isn’t, developing personalized strategies for interacting with others.
  • Master Plan for “Total Package” Excellence in Work and Life: Set powerful yet workable goals to change your life path, to enhance your personal happiness, to build your legacy.

Kristi K. Hoffman: Building Confidence in Teens

  • How to be the Total Package Girl: Discover Your Secret Weapons for Success (Ages 11 – 17): Whether through social media or in school, young women face new challenges when it comes to fitting-in, self-image, confidence, and bullying.
  • Plugged-In Parenting: Connect, adapt, and relate to your teen and preteen. Learn what you don’t know about their iGen lives, along with the latest generational trends and motivations. Then, gather secret weapons you can use to help them succeed along the way.
  • Rockin’ E-Communications Skills: Digital citizenship and cyberbullies are discussed and worked through in this interactive and active presentation.
  • Empowering and Raising Confident Girls (for parents of teens and pre-teens): Giving parents, mentors and teachers tools they can use to help the girls in their lives to successfully navigate the tech-driven 21st century world.

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Kristi K. Hoffman