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CreditDonkey rated Kristi’s blog as a Best Personal Development Blog for 2017

As seen on CreditDonkey: Thought Proposals for Life is the blog of author Kristi K. Hoffman, who offers guidance and advice with a focus on teenagers and their parents. Why Thought Proposals for Life is a Top Personal Development Blog: This is wide-ranging blog that often incorporates business and leadership tips, but its confidence-boosting advice for teens and their parents is a real highlight.

Kristi was interviewed through the YA Books Central (YABC) Indie Superstars series, a “monthly event spotlighting the best and brightest of the indie community.” Read below, or view the interview on the YABC website.

YABC: Tell us a little about your book, Total Package Girl.

Kristi: Total Package Girl is a book for every teen and pre-teen girl who is living through the challenges of growing up in a challenging, tech-savvy world, where popularity—and bullying—are ubiquitous and never-ending. This book is filled with intelligence and secret weapons to help girls stay strong and confident through any situation that comes her way. And, she can carry these skills through life, to reach her goals and dreams.

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Kristi K. Hoffman was a guest on Inspirational Women with Kate Daniels on Warm 106.9 Seattle, which aired December 11. They discussed Kristi’s book, Total Package Girl and the issues that teen girls are facing today. Listen to Kristi’s segment below or check it on Soundcloud.

Kristi’s recent blog, “Equipped for Success: ‘Proactive Prepping’ Makes All the Difference” was featured on the popular website,

Equipping our girls for success in the world and in their lives is critical. It’s preventive. It’s proactive, and it’s empowering. In an age where cyber meanness can turn deadly, mean tweets are pervasive, and drug usage is on the rise, “proactive prepping” may be a solution to combating the ramifications of life’s negative scenarios. In other words, the earlier in life we can prepare ourselves and our girls for what lies ahead, the better outcomes we all may have.

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The following appeared October 27, 2016 on the Sentinel-Tribune website. Read below, or view on

Nearly 600 teen and pre-teen girls, mothers and mentors attended the Total Package Girl Leadership Summit on Oct. 16 at the Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle. The first of its kind event was the brainchild of Kristi K. Hoffman, M.S., confidence and leadership expert and CEO of Total Package Global, a Toledo- based professional and personal development parent company. (read more…)

The following article, written by Geoff Burns, appeared Saturday, October 15 in The Toledo Blade, who is a media sponsor for the Summit. Read below, or view on The Blade’s website.

Women throughout the area will have the opportunity to come together Sunday for an unscripted girl leadership summit to embrace self-inspiration.

Kristi Hoffman, chief executive officer of Total Package Global, said topics from her book Total Package Girl: Discover the Ultimate You For Life will be discussed such as body image, cyber bullies, personal confidence, and relationships.

More than 500 people have already bought tickets to attend the event including coaches, teachers, parents and students. (read more…)

Total Package Global CEO Kristi K. Hoffman appeared on Full Plate with Rebecca Regnier to discuss the Total Package Girl book and upcoming #BeTheForce Girl Leadership Summit.
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Total Package Global CEO Kristi Hoffman and Emma Carpenter visited WTOL Saturday, October 8, 2016 to talk about the upcoming Total Package Girl Leadership Summit. Read article below, or view on WTOL’s website. WTOL is a media sponsor for the event.

Sometimes, it’s tough growing up. Peer pressure, bullying and trying to fit in are all real issues adolescents face. But one group is encouraging young ladies to take advantage of girl power and make a difference in the world.

The Total Package Girl Leadership Summit targets girls ages 11 through 17, with a focus on empowering them. (read more…)

Kristi K. Hoffman was a guest on The Morning Show with Larry Weiss on WBGU 88.1, September 29. They discussed Total Package Girl and the issues that teen girls are facing today. Listen to Kristi’s segment below or check it on the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce website.


Kristi Hoffman sat down with WTOL’s Amanda Fay to discuss the upcoming #BeTheForce Girl Leadership Summit to be held October 16 at the Toledo Museum of Art Peristyle Theatre.

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Kristi Hoffman, author of “Total Package Girl,” offers a written guide that inspires confidence within women and promotes positive self-image.

The following, written by Morgan Forst, appeared September 6, 2016 on the Chicago Woman website. Read below, or view on

In a world where social media and society puts extreme pressure on women of all ages, Kristi Hoffman is providing “Total Package Girl” as a guide. Kristi Hoffman is a 23-year Girl Scout volunteer and has spent the majority of her life helping young girls overcome personal challenges when it comes to fitting-in, self-image, confidence and bullying. (read more…)

The following interview appeared in the September issue of Mature Living Magazine. Read below, or read on

Kristi K. Hoffman is an award-winning television host and producer, past PBS-TV media personality, author, businesswoman and keynote speaker. As CEO and Founder of Total Package Global, Kristi develops success tools for pre-teen and teenaged girls and boys, young professionals, as well as seasoned executives to assist them in reaching their life and business goals.

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The following article, written by Frances Brent, appeared August 30, 2016 in the BG Independent News. Read the article below, or view on

Total Package Girl urges girls to “Discover The Ultimate You for Life!” Author, Grown-up-but-Girl-Scout-Forever-Kristi K. Hoffman is a long time Girl Scout volunteer serving and consulting at many levels. She has created a book/guide/manual/workbook that combines the old time values of developing body, brain, and spirit while living in a world of hash-tags and snapchats and an evolving world of social media. Her goal is to help adolescent girls acquire the self-understanding and skills to emerge from adolescence as self-confident, positive leaders.

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The following article, written by Maire Thomas Baird, appeared August 29, 2016 in the Sentinel-Tribune. Read below or view on the Sentinel-Tribune website.

“Total Package Girl: Discover the Ultimate You for Life!” was written by Northwest Ohio native Kristi K. Hoffman.

“When things get bumpy or the path gets tricky, Total Package Girl is here to provide the intelligence, skills, and tools girls need to help navigate life” according to the book’s promotional page.

Hoffman was involved with Girl Scouting for more than two decades, and in working with girls, she has seen a need for confidence, help with body image and advice on how to navigate the cyber world.

“I felt strongly that I should write a book that girls can use to navigate these tricky waters,” she said.

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Kristi’s recent blog, “Positive Self Esteem Starts with Losing the Negative in Your Life” was featured on the popular website,

Are you exhausted from trying to keep up with the negative comments that keep swirling through your mind? Possibly they came from nasty co-workers, old classmates, teammates, random people at social situations, family members, negative childhood memories. Maybe they came at you in the form of gossip, mean tweets or posts, nasty texts.

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Kristi K. Hoffman was a guest on Working Mother Radio with host Bettina Bush on August 9. Listen to Kristi’s segments below and the full episode, “Bullying and the Teen Years,” on the Working Mother Radio website.

Segment 1: Total Package Girl

Life isn’t always easy; in fact, it usually isn’t. Life for teen girls can be especially difficult, and there’s no playbook or guide on how to navigate that time in life. Kristi Hoffman recognized this lack of resources and wrote a book—”Total Package Girl.”

Segment 2: Staying Connected

How do you approach “red flag” issues that you child doesn’t want to talk about? Kristi Hoffman shares her tips to staying connected with your teen during the toughest years.

Segment 3: The Internet

Times sure have changed. The World Wide Web has given today’s teens a new outlet, and today’s parents a new source of gray hair inducing worry. Social media and cyberbullying are important, relevant, and extremely tricky topics to cover. How can parents help their kids stay safe?


In a podcast with Mom Talk Radio, Kristi Hoffman, author of Total Package Girl, shares why girls lose their confidence and how we can help. Listen to “Tales of Growing Up” below and check out Mom Talk Radio on tunein.

Kristi’s recent blog, “To Parents of Teens: Have a Bully Action Plan” was featured on the popular blog,

Our innate nature as parents is to protect our children. Yet it’s difficult to know how much “protecting” is enough… or too much. Who’s to judge whether our parenting style is “just right” or “over the top” or “helicopter mommy”-ish? So how can we protect our teens and pre-teens when bullying occurs? And what if it happens behind the screen of an iPhone, iPad, or computer in the cyber world?

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