FitChick Series

Increase your total Fit Factor with FitChick. This 12-week email course is a way to get your whole self in shape—Body, Brain, and Spirit.

Is this something you have always wanted to do but perhaps it seemed overwhelming? Now, FitChick gives you a lifestyle option and a structure you will love because it’s about focusing on the ENTIRE package of YOU so that all three areas—your Body, your Brain, and you Spirit—are clicking at the same time.

With FitChick, you will begin to feel balance and purpose. As you know, being a fit woman isn’t just about toning your thighs. FitChick is for you if you are: in a rut, want to turn your mojo around or step it up to another level of fitness, get organized on a day-to-day basis, deepen your spirit, eat better, become more intellectually savvy, and get more physical in your life. Currently you may not have the structure in place to accomplish these things which is why FitChick was developed. It’s 12 weeks of structure and focus on YOU, no one else. It’s a personal motivator and a change-your-perspective, kick-it-into-gear series to help position you for success and balance in your life.

With FitChick, we want you to get energized and walk around with inner strength and an aura of confidence that turns heads… like you can conquer the world. It’s a research-based series to increase your fit factor, to create and discover the ultimate you at a different level than ever before. Right now, picture the ENTIRE you—the total package—poised for success inside and out.

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