Total Package Girl

Total Package Girl: Discover the Ultimate You For Life!
is #11 in Amazon’s Teen Social Issues (Being A Teen).

TOTAL PACKAGE GIRL is for every girl who is figuring it out, finding herself, living through the challenges of growing up, and discovering how truly amazing she is. When things get bumpy or the path gets tricky, Total Package Girl is here to provide the intelligence, skills, and tools girls need to help navigate life. Total Package Girl is designed to enlighten girls about the secret weapons they need to be strong and confident, and to rock their body image for life. #jbu

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Total Package Girl

Throughout Total Package Girl you will learn how to build:

  • Confidence, knowledge, and trust in yourself
  • A healthy, rockin’ body image
  • Awesome communication skills
  • Your own success strategy for living your dreams





Total Package Girl Book Signing

Kristi K. Hoffman, MS, is a published author of Total Package Girl, a best-selling teen/social issues book on Amazon. She has researched teen issues and mentored girls for 20+ years. Kristi is a past PBS-TV media personality, businesswoman and CEO of Total Package Global, a leading professional and personal development corporation.