10 Ways to Develop Fearless, Authentic, Results-Oriented Leadership

Core Values

When you put your feet on the floor in the morning, how ready do you feel to lead your organization to greater heights, to make an impact in your industry, to build a culture of excellence within your company? If your answer is a hesitant “I think I am,” then you likely are not. It’s time to assess your leadership readiness, and to unleash the highly effective, authentic leader within you that your organization has been awaiting.

3 Assessment Areas

Leading the charge within your organization begins with assessing your internal and external capabilities. To drill down, here are three questions to ask yourself:

1.  How have you prepared yourself to lead?

Do you know your core values? Do you have a vision? Do you exude confidence and are you self-disciplined? Do you respect yourself? Have you built smart habits that lead to successful results? Are you decisive and driven to succeed? Do you have compassion and respect for others?

2.  How well do you motivate others?

Are you diplomatic? Do you show respect? Are you assertive, appreciative, positive? Are you a model of leadership by walking the walk? Are you an effective motivator of others? Do you reward solid work ethic and acknowledge effort?

3.  How effective are you within your business or organization?

Do you embrace and exemplify the corporate culture? Do you innovate, lead the charge, develop and mentor others? Do you clearly articulate expectations? Are the tools in place to effectively evaluate results? Are you solution- and goal-oriented?

It can be lonely at the top of the org chart or within your department. You have to make the tough decisions without confiding in many. You face scrutiny and criticism from those who feel they are treated unfairly or who want more for less. It’s that feeling of being on an island by yourself, which can feel liberating or isolating, depending on the day. That is why drilling down to your core values and using them to implement core leadership competencies are critical to results-oriented, fearless leadership. In addition to honestly answering the above questions, a true leader is not afraid to do these 10 things:

1.  Speak her/his mind constructively.

2.  Make changes when needed.

3.  Listen between the lines and implement others’ solid ideas.

4.  Leave her/his ego at the door.

5.  Fail.

6.  Disconnect. Go “off the grid” on occasion.

7.  Admit weakness, show humility, and develop personal improvement strategies.

8.  Lose negative, irrelevant noise to achieve positive results.

9.  Address and resolve conflict.

10.  Be kind.

When you intentionally prepare yourself to lead, when you acknowledge the needs of others, and reward solid work ethic, trust and respect within your organization, peak performance shows up. Positive results occur. Authentic leadership is a conscious decision from the moment you put your feet on the floor in the morning.

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