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Whether it’s at work or in life, Kristi’s savvy and engaging style equips her audiences—young professionals and seasoned executives, teen and pre-teen girls and guys, women’s conferences, parent groups, and collegiates (athletes, Panhellenic, general student body)—with stellar, unparalleled, research-based confidence tools and a master plan for life! Kristi is the CEO of Total Package Global, a leading professional and personal development corporation. The company offers four development tracks:

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Total Package Girl

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Total Package Girl

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TOTAL PACKAGE GIRL is for every girl who is figuring it out, finding herself, living through the challenges of growing up, and discovering how truly amazing she is. When things get bumpy or the path gets tricky, Total Package Girl is here to provide the intelligence, skills, and tools girls need to help navigate life. Total Package Girl is designed to enlighten girls about the secret weapons they need to be strong and confident, and to rock their body image for life. #jbu

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We’ve all met her. She’s savvy, real, and successful on her own terms. She is strong, confident, and stands up for what she believes in. She trusts herself and listens to her own voice. She exudes charisma and energy everywhere she goes. Her aura is electric.

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From the Blog of Kristi K: Thought Proposals for Life

Value of Time

Value of Time

Sometimes you only get a minute. A minute to talk with someone after a meeting, a minute on the phone call, a minute at the cocktail reception. Ever stop to think how valuable that minute could be?

Not long ago, a teenaged girl timidly approached me after a speech to thank me for my talk and to ask me a few questions. We had an intriguing, focused dialogue, as if no one else was in the room, although there were hundreds. The conversation was not lengthy, yet surprisingly in-depth about an issue bouncing around in this teenager’s mind like a ball in a pinball machine.

After our talk and before she disappeared into the crowd, she told me I was her “life changer,” hugged me, and was gone like a puff of smoke. (read more…)

Core Values

Core Values

When you put your feet on the floor in the morning, how ready do you feel to lead your organization to greater heights, to make an impact in your industry, to build a culture of excellence within your company? If your answer is a hesitant “I think I am,” then you likely are not. It’s time to assess your leadership readiness, and to unleash the highly effective, authentic leader within you that your organization has been awaiting. (read more…)